During Love Talks, we discuss the art and science of speaking with love to create the life you’ve always dreamed of.  Whether you want to find love, or have a more profitable business, or create harmony in your family or friend’s circles … we can all use some help in the area of communications!

I’ve always been in love with loving people … but romantic, passionate, committed love is complex.  Love is a function of chemistry + communications + action.  Our goal with Be Delicious Dating is to empower people to bring forth their best selves, heal any past heartache, so you can freely and committedly move forward with courage and an open heart to find the love of your life.


Are you a new company looking to have breakthrough results?  Are you committed to your Passion being Profitable?  Download our free worksheet to move through the steps of identifying your passions and take the time to figure out which components are the most profitable.  If you would like a live course, upgrade for just $29 to the online course which will walk you through the steps,  highlight key components to consider and begin moving towards creating a successful business.  From the business roadmap, throughout the whole process – let us help you through the process!

At Speaking Out Safely, we are committed to empower individuals, families, communities and ultimately societies to create safe environments in each and every home, neighborhood and our culture. And if someone is not empowered, we work to restore their power and ensure that they have a full partner in gaining justice and supporting healing. With over a 1 million sexual abuse survivors in Massachusetts, it’s time for each and every person in Massachusetts to boldly step up and actively work towards healing our vast population of survivors.

Protect Mass Children is a grassroots organization working to protect children from sex offenders through education and legislation. Many of us are survivors or victims of abuse and know firsthand the devastating effects sexual abuse has on victims and their families. We are mainly all volunteer, working to make a difference for our children. Our mission is to pass stronger laws to protect children from sexual predators and to educate the community on how to defend themselves from sexual predators. To end childhood sexual abuse in Massachusetts. To be a voice for the victims.

Companionship is important for establishing a sense of belonging. Here’s where Foodie Life comes in. Foodie Life MV is a social club where you can meet new friends, try new foods and together work towards living a joyful, empowered and inspiring life!  Foodie Life is committed to having people experience close connections during and after our events — chat with and make new friends, talk business or find a new love!  Join us!

Every second Saturday of the month, join a group of fun folks to review a great book!  The catch – you only need to JUST READ A CHAPTER (thanks Lisa).  One Chapter Book Club allows for the reading, understanding, and focus on simply one chapter (instead of the whole book) – each person takes 5 minutes to explain the chapter then there is 5 minutes for discussion of the chapter among the group!  It leads for a greater understanding of the concepts in the book.  Libations are encouraged!